World Class Aeromedical Services

Across Europe or around the world, we offer a high quality and experienced team who are able to complete complex aeromedical transport missions safely, efficiently and in a timely manner.

247 Aviation is a UK-based, aeromedical transport provider specialising in patient transfer and repatriation, and urgent transplant team, organ and recipient transport services.
Operating from our base at Belfast International Airport, 247 Aviation utilises a mixed fleet of aircraft including a permanently configured Learjet 45 air ambulance that allows us to deliver the highest standard of patient care. This high standard of care is reinforced by 247 Aviation’s sister services – IMT Medical, which provides logistics and ground ambulance support, and Jet Assist, which provides aviation operations and ground handling services.
With a fast turnaround for quotes, a request for service alerts our dedicated flight medical team who then arrange and execute a variety of aeromedical missions from anywhere, to anywhere, in the world – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In effect, with a network of similarly high standard aeromedical partners we offer global aeromedical solutions of high and trusted quality at an affordable price.
24 Hours Per Day, 365 Days Per Year
Qualified, experienced and trusted aviation and medical professionals
Bed to bed medical repatriation
specially configured aircraft


The quality of aeromedical transport is a key factor in ensuring a positive outcome for transfer patients. That’s why we place patient care at the core of our services.

Our staff of highly trained and experienced aviation and medical professionals have spent years refining their skills throughout the British Isles and around the world.


Our dispatch, flight and medical crews provide professional and compassionate bed-to-bed aeromedical transport services for insurance providers, health organizations and private clients around the world.
247 Aviation operates the most advanced air ambulance technology available, ensuring we can provide the safest and most efficient patient transfer and organ retrieval services whenever and wherever you need us.

LearJet 45XR

Speed also plays a major role in ensuring positive outcomes for transfer patients. Our state-of-the-art Lear 45XR air ambulances allow us to provide our clients with maximum comfort and optimum response times. Our experienced pilots and aviation support staff are focused on getting each patient home as quickly and safely as possible – no matter where they are in the world.

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