247 Aviation Air Ambulance are here for you when the unexpected happens. In the case of an emergency, you or a loved one may need urgent medical air transport. This can be an anxious and worrying time for any family or group so we want to reassure our customers that we will provide a safe and fast service providing inter-facility patient transport. Our flight operations team is available to answer your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We work around the clock and are committed to providing an emergency response to your requests. We’ve made our booking process straightforward and easy, simply contact us and we’ll arrange a consultation to discuss your travel requirements and complete your patient travel plan. Our dedicated, experienced teams make this a quick and easy process and we’ll support you through every step so you can prioritise your time on your loved one.



We understand that when patients are triaged to air ambulance transport, you may be unsure of the needs assessment of your loved one. Here are a few examples why you or your loved one would need an emergency air ambulance.

Be assured that 247 Aviation Medical teams will work with the patients doctors to ensure a safe and comfortable flight.



247 Aviation Air Ambulance aircraft are equipped to allow for emergency transport. Our fleet consists of a specialised aircraft that are designed to provide comfortable and cost effective travel options. Your loved one will receive the highest standard of care and their comfort and safety is paramount during their time with us. Able to take flight day and night, the 247 Aviation Air Ambulance fleet can operate over long ranges and from short runways giving us the facility to provide the care you need anywhere in the world. We will also manage your equipment and medication carriage subject to customs restrictions.

Non emergency and/or scheduled air ambulance services are available for those patients that have general medical travel needs, who are unable to travel on their own and need medical help. 247 Aviation Air Ambulance are also able to support your medical travel through benefiting from a established relationship with UK based emergency ground ambulance transport company, IMT Medical.