247 aviation medical team performing training in private aircraft

Fly with Confidence: Elevating Patient Care Through Continuous Aeromedical Training at 247 Aviation

Keeping up to date with aeromedical transfer training is not just an obligation, but an investment in excellence. The team at 247 Aviation is committed to continuous learning and skill development, not only safeguarding our patients but also strengthening the reputation of the entire air ambulance community.

Working in the aeromedical environment, it is essential to maintain skills and expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned Flight Nurse or a budding Flight Doctor, staying abreast of the latest protocols, honing your skills, and maintaining physical and mental fitness are paramount. That’s where 247 Aviation’s continuous learning culture comes in, playing a vital role in ensuring the best possible outcomes for critically ill patients.

Regular training ensures that our teams have the up-to-date knowledge and skills needed to provide high quality patient care.

247 Aviation medical teams participate in regular CPD days to ensure they are ready to manage any medical emergencies that may arise, gaining hands-on experience with scenario-based simulations which test teamwork and decision-making under pressure.

medical training dummy in air ambulance

Performing these training exercises is testament to 247 Aviation’s commitment to investing in patient safety and integration of our medical and flight crew training allows us to develop excellent teamwork, communication, and leadership. This is essential to consistently deliver high quality patient care.

Each simulation is followed by a thorough debriefing session, where the 247 Aviation team analyses their performance, identifies areas for improvement, and refines their approach. This continuous learning cycle ensures that our clinical delivery is safe, effective and can be replicated regardless of which team members are flying.

Regular medical training translates into tangible results:

Improved patient outcomes

Clinical Safety

Enhanced crew confidence and performance

Stronger reputation and trust

247 Aviation sets a high bar when it comes to medical training. We understand that by investing in crews’ knowledge and skills they will be ready to answer any calls for help with expertise and dedication

copeland distillery Ireland

Belfast’s Copeland Distillery Takes Flight with 247 Aviation in Collaborative Spirit!

Raise a glass to a partnership born in the clouds!  As a luxury air charter operator we are pleased to announce a thrilling step to supply renowned Northern Irish distillery, Copeland onboard our private charter aircraft.

The Donaghadee based distillery, best known as a producer of craft Gin, Rum and Whiskey creates a unique experience for domestic and international visitors. Steeped in the history of Belfast’s docks and renowned for its handcrafted whiskeys, brings generations of distilling expertise to the table.

Experience the rich maritime flavours of Copeland on board our 247 Aviation, Pilatus PC-12 and receive a warm Northern Irish welcome with a traditional range of premium quality craft spirits.

This exciting venture promises to blend the rich heritage of Copeland distillery with the innovative spirit of 247 Aviation private jet charter, resulting in a unique and flavourful expression that will tantalise taste buds and stir aviation dreams.

Copeland Spirits Range

Keep your eyes peeled on the skies (and social media!) for further announcements, and prepare to embark on a flavourful journey with Copeland and 247 Aviation.

Air Medical Staff

247 Aviation Air Ambulance Medical Team: A Commitment to Excellence

247 Aviation Air Ambulance is proud to introduce its medical team, who ensure the highest level of care for patients during air transport.

Leading the team is Dr. Neil Crooks our Medical Director. Dr Crooks has worked in the aeromedical industry for almost 20 years’ and brings a wealth of experience in complex aeromedical transfers, critical care and anaesthetics. He oversees the clinical aspects of medical operations, leading a team that places an emphasis on delivering high quality patient care.

Deputy Medical Director, Dr. James Hardwick, is a Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia. He brings over 15 years of experience in infant, paediatric and adult transfer, retrieval, and aeromedical repatriation. His other interests in organ donation, point-of-care ultrasound, and medical education contribute significantly to medical decision-making within the team.

Clinical Services Director, Adam Broom, comes to 247 Aviation with 20 years’ of experience in the aeromedical industry. His role is to oversee all aspects of clinical delivery, supporting the medical director, to ensure strong clinical governance.

Air Medical Staff

We are thrilled to welcome Judith McKinney as the newly appointed Chief Flight Nurse. Judith has been with 247 Aviation from its inception, working as a flight nurse coordinator. Her extensive critical care experience and strong leadership style make her a valuable asset to the team.

The combined experience of our senior clinical team is the cornerstone of 247 Aviation Air commitment to providing a safe, effective, and well-led aeromedical repatriation service.

interior of an air ambulance aircraft

247 Aviation: Providing World-Class Aeromedical Services Around the Globe

247 Aviation is a leading provider of aeromedical services in the UK, offering a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of patients, healthcare providers, and organisations worldwide. With a network of aircraft, 247 Aviation Air Ambulance is committed to providing safe, efficient, and compassionate care to patients on every continent.

Aeromedical services encompass a wide range of medical care and transportation services provided to patients in the aviation environment. These services play a central role in ensuring the safe and timely evacuation and treatment of patients with critical illnesses or injuries, particularly in remote or challenging locations.

247 Aviation new aircraft arrives at Belfast International Airport

What are Aeromedical Services?

247 Aviation’s aeromedical services include:

✔️ Medical retrieval or repatriation:

The transporting of ill or injured patients to their home country for the continuation of medical treatment.

✔️ Organ and tissue transport:

Ensuring the timely and safe transport of organs and tissues for transplantation.

✔️ Emergency Medical Evacuation:

The evacuation of critically ill or injured patients to a point of definitive or higher levels of care.

✔️ Commercially Escorted Medical transfers:

The repatriation of generally stable patients on scheduled airlines worldwide.

Case Studies

247 Aviation has a long history of providing safe and efficient aeromedical services to patients around the world. Here are a few case studies that demonstrate the company’s commitment to excellence:

✔️ 247 Aviation successfully repatriated a critically ill patient from a remote location to a specialised care facility. The patient was transported on a jet aircraft equipped with a full ICU setup staffed by a team of specialised medical personnel.

✔️ 247 Aviation provided emergency air ambulance transport for a patient in a life-threatening situation. The patient was transported from a rural hospital to a major medical centre supported with ICU level care.

Our Commitment to Safety and Quality

Aeromedical services offer several significant benefits, including improved patient outcomes, reduced risk of complications and efficient and specialised patient transport.

247 Aviation aeromedical staff possess specific qualifications and undergo rigorous training to work in this demanding field. Their expertise, training, and commitment to patient care make them invaluable assets in the delivery of aeromedical services worldwide.

We are committed to providing the highest level of safety and quality in all of our aeromedical services. The company’s aircraft are equipped with state-of-the-art medical equipment and staffed by highly trained and experienced medical professionals.

With advancements in medical technology and aviation capabilities, aeromedical services are poised to continue evolving and expanding, further enhancing patient care and transportation in the aviation environment.

247 Aviation is a leading provider of aeromedical services, offering a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of patients, healthcare providers, and organisations worldwide. With a global network of bases and aircraft, 247 Aviation is committed to providing safe, efficient, and compassionate care to patients on every continent.

247 Aviation banner

247 Aviation Strengthens Medical Team with Key Appointments

247 Aviation, a leading UK-based provider of aeromedical services, today announced the appointment of three experienced medical professionals to its team. Dr Neil Crooks joins as Medical Director, Dr James Hardwick as Deputy Medical Director, and Mr Adam Broom as Clinical Services Manager.

“We are thrilled to welcome Neil, James, and Adam to our team,” said Stanley Edgar, managing director of SERE Holding Ltd. “As we expand our aeromedical capabilities, their expertise and experience will be invaluable in delivering the highest quality care to our patients.”

Dr Neil Crooks as their new Medical Director

Dr Neil Crooks – 247 Aviation Medical Director

Dr Neil Crooks brings nearly 20 years of experience in the aeromedical industry, having previously served as Medical Director at Air Alliance UK Ltd and Air Medical (AirMed) Oxford Ltd. He is an ALS, EPALS, and TEAM Course Instructor and also has a particular interest in remote anaesthesia. Dr Crooks is an Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia Consultant at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

Air Medical Staff

Dr James Hardwick – 247 Aviation Deputy Medical Director

Dr James Hardwick joins 247 Aviation with over 15 years of experience in infant, paediatric, and adult transfer, retrieval, and aeromedical repatriation. His other interests include organ donation, point-of-care ultrasound, and medical education. Dr Hardwick is also an Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia consultant based at the Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Adam Broom Clinical services manager

Adam Broom – 247 Aviation Clinical Services Manager

Mr Adam Broom has over two decades of experience in the aeromedical industry. He has carried out over 300 repatriations himself and has been instrumental in planning and executing countless complex repatriations and evacuations worldwide. Mr Broom previously served as Clinical Director at the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance and as Clinical Services Manager for Air Alliance Medflight UK Ltd.

With these key appointments, 247 Aviation is well-positioned to continue its commitment to providing the highest quality aeromedical care to patients worldw247 Aviation is a leading UK-based provider of aeromedical services. The company operates a Lear 45 and Pilatus PC12 fully equipped medical aircraft and provides a range of aeromedical services, including air ambulance, repatriation, and medical evacuation. 247 Aviation is committed to providing patients with the highest quality aeromedical care worldwide.

Air ambulance nurse staff checking patient onboard a jet ambulance

247Aviation – A Guide to Patient Repatriation

Patient repatriations facilitate the transfer of patients back to their home base, ensuring the continuity of medical care they require to make a significant recovery. Suffering a sudden accident or illness in a foreign country can be an extremely traumatic experience, for both the patient and relatives, particularly if specialised medical treatment is unavailable abroad. Depending on how significant the injury or illness is, flying home commercially may not be feasible as it may cause extreme discomfort to the patient or further damage to their health. In cases like this, patient repatriation is often the best solution.

air ambulance service

247 Aviation’s Learjet45XR is a specially configured intensive care equipped jet, which is especially designed for aeromedical transport of critically ill patients. This aircraft is fully equipped with a range of the latest airportable medical equipment including a range of monitors, ventilators, and complex-care equipment to ensure that the patient is monitored, every possible situation is catered for, should the patient’s health require immediate assistance in flight. The jet is equipped with a bespoke and comfortable stretcher to maximise patient comfort during flight.


Once the repatriation has been confirmed; 247Aviation’s experienced operations team and flight nurse coordination team will carefully coordinate the transfer of the patient, by liaising with medical professionals and transportation coordinators to ensure a safe and efficient transfer of the individual. This process usually includes the transfer of the patient from the hospital to the airport, where the aircraft will be waiting to transport the individual to the chosen destination. Every patient repatriation case is different. Therefore, patients are assessed and categorised depending on their current health status, physical mobility and how high-risk they are. All these factors are considered and will determine which medical professionals are required to accompany the patient onboard. All decisions are made to ensure the patient’s health and comfort are always placed at the forefront of the operation.


Prior to travel, the flight crew and the medical team will have a team briefing to ensure that everyone is well informed for the day ahead. The medical team will brief the patient profile, medications/treatments on board, oxygen requirements and travel arrangements. The flight crew will brief the weather (including any expectation of turbulence during the flight which may cause discomfort for the passenger), the flight path and expected schedule for the day. Once the briefing is complete, our team will fly to the nearest airport to the patient’s location.

Upon arrival, the medical team will usually travel to the hospital to meet the patient. During this time, the patient and/or relatives, can express their concerns and ask any questions they may have. The medical team will also conduct a final assessment to determine that they are fit to travel by air, and that the transfer will not cause any further deterioration to the patient’s health. If there is any doubt, this will be expressed to the patient and/or to their relatives.

If the patient is deemed fit for travel, the repatriation will go ahead as planned and an ambulance will transfer the patient and their travel companions to the airport. Once the ambulance has reached the airport, it will be driven airside to meet the medical team and flight crew at the aircraft. Depending on how physically able the patient is, they will either walk on to the aircraft, or they will be lifted onto the aircraft using the stretcher equipment.

Air medical repatriation team preparing patient to board the jet air ambulance

Throughout the flight, the medical team will consistently monitor the patient and note any changes in their condition. Medication for pain relief, as well as oxygen, will be supplied to the patient (at the discretion of the medical team), to ensure that the patient is as comfortable as possible. Next to the stretcher, there are additional seats for travel companions which will help with any anxiety the patient and/or their relatives may have. Throughout the flight, any questions or concerns are always addressed and welcome, to help ease everyone involved in the operation.

There is always constant communication between the medical team and the pilots which is particularly important should there be any issues during the flight. The pilots are regularly kept up to date with the patient’s condition. In the unlikely event of concerning deterioration to the patient’s condition, the medical team may decide that the patient’s condition requires immediate on-ground medical attention. In this case, the flight crew will relay the information to ATC to get the patient on the ground, to seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Air ambulance private jet

Once the aircraft has arrived at the patient’s home base, an ambulance will transfer the patient to the hospital (if further treatment is required and/or they require medical supervision) or they will be transported to recover in the comfort of their own homes.

Should you have any queries regarding patient repatriations, please do not hesitate to contact our team by calling on +44(0)28 9344 5956 or filling out a contact form under the “Contact Us” section on our website!

247 Aviation new aircraft arrives at Belfast International Airport

SERE Holdings Ltd.’s £12m investment in Northern Ireland’s newest aircraft operator – 247 Aviation Ltd. is starting to take off

247 Aviation’s LearJet 45 executive jet returning to Belfast International on the successful completion of the UK Civil Aviation Authority proving flight.

SERE Holdings Ltd announced in October 2021 that it intended to invest £12m in its subsidiary company, 247 Aviation Ltd. The investment is now paying dividends.

247 Aviation fleet now consists of four aircraft, a Lear 45XR, two Pilatus PC12s and a  Diamond DA62 Twinstar. All with a home base at Belfast International Airport, (EGAA) Northern Ireland. The aircraft currently operate under third parties Air Operators Certificates; it is pleasing to announce on 22 July 2022, 247 Aviation successfully completed its proving flight for the grant of the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Air Operators certificate in its own right. Months of planning, recruitment and training went into the flight preparation to adhere to the safety regulations set by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. The flight was led by Captain James McKnight and Captain Jim Brown. They flew 247 Aviation’s Learjet 45XR, routing Biggin Hill to Belfast return.


“The successful completion of the flight is one of the final stages of 247 Aviation gaining its United Kingdom Civil Aviation Air Operators certificate. The process is both rigorous and challenging. It could not be achieved without the 100% commitment of the 247 Aviation Team and the support of the CAA Approval team”.

Stanley Edgar, Chairman of SERE Holdings Ltd,

247 Aviation, Northern Ireland’s newest aircraft operator, specialises in Executive Charter, Patient Repatriation, Transplant team, and Organ movement. 247 Aviation responds to transport requests worldwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing a fast, professional service. In addition, it supports its sister company, Jet Assist Aviation, in the movement of donor organs and transplant teams across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Learjet 45XR

The new Learjet 45XR is a mid-size business jet aircraft fully adapted to air ambulance standards and is stationed at 247 Aviation facilities at Belfast International Airport. The cutting-edge Aircraft has been uniquely designed to support medical flights. Medical teams can constantly monitor a patient’s condition, helping to ensure these vulnerable patients get the best possible care when they need it most. The new aircraft interior lends itself to simple modifications for comfortable and accessible medical configurations. It fulfils the need for high availability, reliability and service consistency for 247 Aviation’s clients.

247 Aviation continue to support their clients with the use of their two PC-12 aircraft. These high performance aircraft, based at Belfast International Airport, have the most spacious cabin in their class. With passenger comfort as priority, the PC-12 aircraft has enough room for 8 passengers making it an ideal aircraft for both business use and air ambulance.

The PC-12 can access over 3,000 airports and airfields across the UK and Europe. With excellent short field performance, the PC-12 can facilitate an  exceptional level of access for medical, business or personal use.

SERE Group (SERE Holdings Ltd) is a Northern Irish, award-winning family business with several subsidiary companies which collectively have extensive knowledge and experience in road, aviation and medical transport. 247 Aviation is the Group’s newest addition. Visit to find out more.

247 Aviation fleet on Belfast International Airport

Hello from 247 Aviation

Welcome to 247 Aviation. We are Northern Ireland’s newest medical repatriation and organ transfer aircraft operator, founded in 2021 by the SERE Holdings Group.


247 Aviation responds to medical emergencies throughout the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year ensuring we are here for you at a time when you need it most. With a focus on a fast, professional and compassionate service, our expert team can arrange the complete door-to-door safe transfer of patients, organ retrieval and other medical repatriation.

belfast international airport


247 Aviation is located in Northern Ireland with headquarters based at Belfast International Airport. We operate through our own private handling facilities and our location provides a central base in Europe for flights worldwide.


Working in partnership with Fox Flight, Canada, our modern Lear Jet 40 air ambulance aircraft is stationed in our facilities at Belfast International Airport. David Fox, Managing Director of Fox Flight and Accountable Executive of 247 Aviation revealed, “The cutting-edge aircraft has been uniquely adapted to support 247 Aviation’s medical flights. Medical teams will be able to constantly monitor a patient’s condition, helping to ensure these vulnerable patients get the best possible care when they need it most.” David’s previous air ambulance experience with Fox Flight will be invaluable to the operations of 247 Aviation.

Chairman and Managing Director of SERE Holdings, Stanley Edgar said, “We saw an important opportunity to partner with Fox Flight and provide an integrated medical and aviation air ambulance service to ease the pressure on the health service, ensuring availability and reliability.”

SERE Holdings is an award-winning family business with 5 subsidiary companies showing extensive knowledge and experience in road, aviation and medical transport. The companies currently employ over 250 people.

SERE Holdings has also established its name within the aviation industry. Its handling team at Jet Assist provide private and business charter and broker services to several companies and organisations. Jet Assist organises in the region of six hundred flights per year on behalf of NHS Blood and Transplant in conjunction with IMT Medical, another subsidiary of the SERE Group.


To find out more about our services