Fly with Confidence: Elevating Patient Care Through Continuous Aeromedical Training at 247 Aviation

247 aviation medical team performing training in private aircraft

Keeping up to date with aeromedical transfer training is not just an obligation, but an investment in excellence. The team at 247 Aviation is committed to continuous learning and skill development, not only safeguarding our patients but also strengthening the reputation of the entire air ambulance community.

Working in the aeromedical environment, it is essential to maintain skills and expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned Flight Nurse or a budding Flight Doctor, staying abreast of the latest protocols, honing your skills, and maintaining physical and mental fitness are paramount. That’s where 247 Aviation’s continuous learning culture comes in, playing a vital role in ensuring the best possible outcomes for critically ill patients.

Regular training ensures that our teams have the up-to-date knowledge and skills needed to provide high quality patient care.

247 Aviation medical teams participate in regular CPD days to ensure they are ready to manage any medical emergencies that may arise, gaining hands-on experience with scenario-based simulations which test teamwork and decision-making under pressure.

medical training dummy in air ambulance

Performing these training exercises is testament to 247 Aviation’s commitment to investing in patient safety and integration of our medical and flight crew training allows us to develop excellent teamwork, communication, and leadership. This is essential to consistently deliver high quality patient care.

Each simulation is followed by a thorough debriefing session, where the 247 Aviation team analyses their performance, identifies areas for improvement, and refines their approach. This continuous learning cycle ensures that our clinical delivery is safe, effective and can be replicated regardless of which team members are flying.

Regular medical training translates into tangible results:

Improved patient outcomes

Clinical Safety

Enhanced crew confidence and performance

Stronger reputation and trust

247 Aviation sets a high bar when it comes to medical training. We understand that by investing in crews’ knowledge and skills they will be ready to answer any calls for help with expertise and dedication

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